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Still dreaming about renovating your home? But still struggling to receive a transparent and competitive quote from an established Contractor? This is possible by contacting the highest rated contractor in the Netherlands. We would like to invite you to discuss the multiple options with one of our construction specialists at our office or at your place.

You can request a quote for your renovation directly below this text.

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Sometimes, however, a specified offer is not (yet) possible or desirable. Think for example of a situation when you have seen the house of your dreams on Funda. You want to bid to obtain the property, but you are hesitant because you have no idea what the price range of the much needed renovation will be. This is perfectly understandable. It is particularly difficult for expats because they are only aware of the renovation prices in their own country.

Optimum Contractors is here for you and will help you on your way. No matter if it's a bathroom renovation or a complete turn-key renovation project. Based on the information that is available without being able to inspect the house, in combination with your wishes, we are perfectly able to give a fairly accurate estimate of the renovation costs. By knowing what the renovation will cost you approximately, you can act quickly.
It is known that this will certainly give you an advantage when negotiating in a market where speed is absolutely required to outperform other potential buyers on this heated housingmarket!
Guaranteed that you will go into negotiations with greater confidence when purchasing your dream home.

There is also the possibility that one of our specialists will accompany you during the viewing of the house, together with the real estate agent.
Many expats, which we can now count among our clientele, successfully preceded you over the years.