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Article 1: definitions 1. The contractor: Optimum Bouw- en
Contractor company. 2. The client: the other party of the
Article 2: general 1. The contractor undertakes at his expense all occurring defects,
which are apparently due to poor quality or defect or defect
repair, as soon as possible on or after the first notice by or on behalf of the client
to replace to the satisfaction of the client.
2. The guarantee only applies to items that have been installed, manufactured or replaced by the contractor.
3. The guarantee starts on the day of the first delivery.
4. With the exception of the guarantee periods mentioned in the articles below, the
standard warranty period 2 years.
Article 3: six months - Stucco work with more than normal discolouration. Article 4: one year 1.
Warping of moving parts in interior and exterior frames insofar as there are more than 10 mm
with respect to the perpendicular.
2. Exterior painting.
3. Counter tops.
4. Hinges and locks, letterboxes and similar materials for proper functioning.
5. Facade brickwork and joints that do not cause any serious cracking.
Article 5: two years 1. Cement-bound screeds against blisters and hollow spots.
2. Central heating system and heating elements, whether or not combined with a
hot water supply for normal functioning.
3. Exterior sewerage.
4. Gas, water and electricity installations.
5. Hot water heaters and boilers.
6. Mechanical ventilation installation.
7. Elevator installation.
8. Pressurized water installation.
9. Indoor painting.
Article 6: three years 1. Insulating glazing against leakage of hermetic cavity seals,
or condensation between the glass sheets as a result of this for 3 years.
2. Roof coverings, other than roof tiles, including connections to parts in or on
these roof coverings are watertight, the waterproof coverings carried out, do not
are watertight, blister and fold formation, opening seams, tearing the cover,
sagging coverings and / or finishing layers applied under a slope and dripping
of the adhesives used. All this with the proviso that the repair costs are incurred by the
The owner of the houses will be reimbursed if the examination or repair is carried out
demonstrated that the damage was caused by mechanical damage caused by others,
war damage, earthquake or storm with wind speed greater than 17.1 m / s.
3. Kit joints against sagging, loosening, watering and tearing.
4. Tiling against adhesion and peeling.
Article 7: five years 1. Carpentry, wooden frames, windows and doors against the display of wood rot.
2. Foundation of the building in such a way that no serious cracking as a result of settlement or
sagging will occur.

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Article 8: no guarantee 1. Defects that are the result of: fire, as described in the stock exchange
fire policy, which is equated with lightning strike, explosion, fire and explosion by own
defect and so-called cold aircraft damage.
2. Defects that are the result of nuclear reactions, floods and / or for the entrepreneur
reasonably unforeseeable, changes in groundwater level, molestation, drifting snow, storm
with wind speeds greater than 17 m / s, earthquake or volcanic eruptions.
3. Defects in materials and constructions that are not under the responsibility of the contractor
have been applied, as well as defects and / or damage that thereof, and / or work that did not
materials made available under the responsibility of the entrepreneur
matters of which the entrepreneur did not receive the transferee in writing in time for the application
informed that the guarantee and guarantee scheme will not apply to this, all this
without prejudice to the provisions below.
4. Defects due to normal wear and tear, the neglect of maintenance, the incorrect
maintained and improper use.
5. All changes to the classification, as well as all defects and / or damage to that change
6. Aesthetic issues.
7. Cracking that is the result or partly the result of shrinking and expansion due to heat (such as
for example sun), drying and hardening shrinkage of the material, settlements and bending of
floors, unless this is detrimental to the soundness of the building.
8. Cracks in refractory material from fireplaces.
9. Minor imperfections in the finish that do not affect the soundness of the
10. Stucco work, including decorative and spray plaster work, except with regard to loosening and / or
flake off
11. Loosening and / or peeling off of stucco work (including decorative and spray plaster work)
caused by improper painting, applied to it outside the contractor.
12. Wall finishes in the home, with the exception of those that come loose, with the exception
of stucco work and paintwork, for which the relevant rules apply.
13. Normal discoloration of materials and normal surface weathering of and normal
staining on plastic and metal. Damage to glass as a result of lye from the stones.
14. Draft which is exclusively the result of technically required ventilation.
15. Roof covering of all buildings that do not themselves form a whole with the buildings.
16. The (proper) functioning of equipment / systems installed by the contractor. For this
the manufacturer's / supplier's manufacturer's warranty applies.
17. Inventory and wall finishes that are not under the responsibility of the contractor
affixed or delivered.
18. Common central antenna devices.
19. Weather strips and wear strips.
20. Scratch resistance, heat resistance and resistance to aggressive substances from
counter tops.
21. Damage to the indoor sewerage due to waste water and fracture, insofar as not caused by
a technically incorrect construction.
22. Warping of movable parts in interior and exterior frames to the extent of 10 mm or
less difference with respect to the perpendicular, but without prejudice to the recovery of
annoying consequences of this warping.
23. Glass panes, unless otherwise specified.
24. Blockage of drain, insofar as not to be charged to the contractor.