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Renovations and remodeling are often mentioned like it is the same. Certainly, the term remodeling and renovation certainly have common ground and even regularly merge. Yet they are seen as two different disciplines in the construction and contracting world. But what is the difference between a renovation and a renovation?

What is renovation or renovation?
Renovation or renovation is repair and, if necessary, partial renewal of an existing building, making it usable again to current standards and standards.
In the construction industry, this means, for example: repainting, replacing floors, plastering or replacing tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.
The original design is therefore not drastically changed, but is updated to a new standard. Or rather: modernized.

What is remodeling or remodeling?
A renovation is an architectural change to an existing home or business premises. This can be an extension, for example a roof structure, but can also relate to an altered layout. For example, construction on a house building is a renovation, but also the moving of a bathroom or the removal of a bearing wall, for example, we mean by remodeling.

Additional advantage of renovating and renovating
The renovation of a room in your home, especially a kitchen or a bathroom, not only makes the space more attractive, but also adds value to your home or apartment. For example, if you want to sell your house in the near future, a professional refurbishment or renovation will definitely add value to your investment.


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