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Plastering/Plasterwork is definitely a profession. If your plasterwork is not carried out by a professional plasterer, there is a chance that the plasterwork will not be applied correctly and/or that the wrong (cheap) materials will be used. The result of this is often that not only is the plasterwork simply not nice and smooth, but also that the stucco layer/plaster has insufficient adhesion to the substrate. If this is indeed the case with you, then it is unfortunately a matter of time before cracks start to form and/or the plaster of your plastered walls and ceilings starts to come loose. We regularly experience this when we are called in to repair poor plasterwork from an insufficiently skilled / inexperienced plasterer. More than once it appears that local repair work is unfortunately not an option and that everywhere the entire stucco layer or all the plaster must be removed and completely reapplied. Cheap suddenly becomes an expensive affair and because everything has to be done all over again and you are in the 'mess' for the second time.

In need for a professional plastering company with qualified plasterers and excellent plasterwork in The Hague?
Request a quote for your plastering work without any obligation. In addition to good, sleek and ultra-smooth plasterwork with, of course, the associated guarantee, you will first receive a clear quotation from us, without small print or additional costs at the end of the ride. This way you know exactly where you stand and what you can expect from Optimum. When the quote has been accepted, we can, if desired, start the plastering work in your home or business premises within 14 days.